Panna NP


Panna national park is part of Panna Tiger Reserve which is located in Northern part of Madhya Pradesh state. In past it remained a controversial national park due to loss of its tigers but since year 2009, with relocation efforts, Panna national park has revived its tiger population to more than 22. It was declared as a National park in year 1981 and later in year 1994 it was declared as Panna Tiger Reserve. Due to closeness from Khajuraho, it rapidly gained popularity among tourists. But till year 2008, it was found that their is discrepancy in tiger population data claimed by Park authority and ground reality. Later when team investigated the ground reality, they found that it was a Tigerless Tiger Reserve and this raised the question mark on credibility of data provided by authority. This caused downfall in tourism and tourists still not ready to accept it as proper tiger reserve. Now the situation has been changed. With hard work and proper implementation of rules & regulations, now once again tiger population has been increased in park and it is well appreciated with tourists, who have visited the park. National parks of Madhya Pradesh remains in demand and often safari tickets fell short of its actual demand but here in Panna, you will get the safari tickets, even in peak season thus when no other park will offer you safari ticket, just try Panna national park, you will not be disappointed. At present, Core zone area of Panna national park is of 576.13 sq.kms. and Buffer zone area is of 1021.97 sq.kms. With inclusion of some more area, this data may change. At present Panna tiger reserve includes mainly Panna National Park and Gangau Wildlife Sanctuary. This forest area is spread over Vindhya mountain ranges through which famous Ken river passes through. It is contributory river to Yamuna river and considered as the life life of Panna forest.


Panna Tiger Reserve forest lies in Bundelkhand region. In past, it was used as a a private hunting preserve of Panna, Chhatarpur and Bijawar states. In those days, guests and member of royal families used to visit this forest for sake to hunting expeditions. In year 1975, Gangau Wildlife Sanctuary was created by comprising Northern and Southern part of Panna tiger reserve. Later on in year 1978, with inclusion of Chhatarpur Forest Division had increased its area. Later in year 1981, Panna Natinal Park was declared followed by declaration of Tiger reserve in year 1994. It was 5th Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh and 22nd of India. Till this time, Ken Gharial Reserve was also declared as part of Panna tiger reserve and thus its total area was increased. During visit of national park, we will come to know about Pandav caves also. It is a separate site which can be visited by anyone, even on not undertaking safari drive. It is believed that Pandav brothers of Hindu Epic Mahabharat, spend sometime here during their period of exile. Their are many more records available in many old books in which we will get the description of Panna forest, visited by other travellers, when Panna was princely state. French traveller Louis Rousselet, visited India in year 1864 and during this visit, he also describer about the beauty of Panna forest. Whenever we talk about Panna forest, year 2009 will be mentioned for its hard time when park was declared that NO-Tiger was left in tiger reserve. Later within 4 years, Panna national park regained its good time and now more than 50 tigers are present in this park.

Safari Timing

Here we have shared the information of jungle safari timing in Panna national park. Her core zones are Madla and Hinouta, having separate entrance gates. Safari timing will remain same, from both the entrance gates.

Period Morning Safari Afternoon Safari
01 Oct - 31 Dec 06:00 - 10:00 Hrs 14:30 - 17:30 Hrs
01 Dec - 28 Jan 06:30 - 10:30 Hrs 14:30 - 17:30 Hrs
01 Feb - 31 Mar 06:30 - 10:30 Hrs 15:00 - 18:00 Hrs
01 Apr - 30 June 06:00 - 10:00 Hrs 16:00 - 19:00 Hrs

Panna national park is open for two rounds of jungel safari on daily basis with only closure on Wednesday evening. It means on Wednesday, we can do morning safari only. Full day closure is applicalble on Diwali and Holi festival dates.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari in Panna national park is almost similar to other national parks of Madhya Pradesh. National Park is open for visitors from October to June month. Just like anyother tiger reserve, here also, we can do jungle safaris in core zones and buffer zones. Here popular core zones are just two i.e. Madla zone and Hinauta zone. Best thing about tiger safari in Panna national park is that we can easily get the safari tickets in any season which make it approachable for all tourists to visit this beautiful national park. Many of our guests have visited Panna national park and seen the tiger, during jungle safari. Their most common safari feedback is that, in compare to Bandhavgarh, Panna national park is more beautiful with waterfall, rock cliffs with vulture nests and better opportunity to spot sloth bears. Here Madla entrance gate is more popular among tourists, not due to animal sighting but due to its comfortable location allowing easy accessibility from hotels in Panna forest or in Khajuraho town. While staying in Khajuraho, it is possible to undertake jungle safari drive. Just required to leave your hotel early to cover the distance. Here safaris are done on open jeeps.


Panna tiger reserve is located on Vindhya mountain range, nestling more than 22 mammal species. Prominently seen mammal species includes Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Jackal, Caracal, Indian Langur, Nilgai, Jungle Cat, Four-horned antelope, Chinkara etc. Like Bandhavgarh, here we can't find Gaur but Wild Dogs are present.


Birding in Panna is good. Presence of Ken river and rocky cliffs makes this place, ideal for bird watching. Here we can find more than 200 bird species which includes residential, seasonal and migratory birds. Here commonly seen bird species are 6 Vulture species, Egyptian Vulture, Himalayan Griffon Vulture, King Vulture, Black Drongo, Jungle Babbler, Golden Oriole, Spotted Dove, Oriental Magpie Robin, Paradise Flycatcher, Rose-ringed Parakeet

How to reach

Before visiting to any destination, it is important to know how to reach that destination. For any tourist destination, travelers are of different categories thus their way of reaching that destination may also varies.

Nearest Airport = Khajuraho (45 kms), Jabalpur (240kms)
Nearest Railway Station = Satna Station (100kms)
Nearest Bus Stand = Panna city (10kms), Chattarpur (70kms)

Best time to visit

Panna national park is open for visitors, from October to June month. It is located on Vindhya mountain range with rocky topography. Here best time to visit varies as per objective of tourist.


Panna national park have limited number of resorts in which most of them are in Standard and Deluxe category. If you are looking for budget category of hotels, then most of the tourists, uses Khajuraho town hotels for stay.

Next to Panna National Park

After completing the Panna national park trip, we may proceed to Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, Orchha, Jabalpur, Sanchi, Chanderi etc. As per your interest, you can select the next destination.