Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve comprises Navegaon national park, Navegaon wildlife sanctuary, Nagzira wildlife sanctuary, New Nagzira wildlife sanctuary and Koka wildlife sanctuary. It was declared as tiger reserve in year 2013-14. Practically, tourism activities are concentrated in Nagzira wildlife sanctuary where have Navegaon national park is still undisturbed. Given tiger reserve is spread over two districts of Maharashtra state i.e. Bhadra district and Gondia district. This forest area lies in north-east of Maharashtra state. In this tiger reserve, birding, sloth bear sighting, leopard sighting is very good. As it is a tiger reserve thus if luck favors, we may enjoy tiger sighting in Nawegaon Nagzira tiger reserve. As it is surrounded by some very popular tiger reserves like Kanha tiger reserve, Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve, Pench tiger reserve thus tourism focus is less on this wildlife destination. Still many domestic tourists visit this tiger reserve. For reaching Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve, Nagpur is considered as the best point for flight & train arrivals & departures. Tiger reserve lies in 130 kms east of Nagpur city with good road connectivity. Here tiger reserve covers vast area thus different entrance gates are maintained for easy access of tourists for jungle safari. Here popular entrance gates are like Pitezari gate, Chorkhamara gate, Kosamtondi gate, Murpar gate, Balapur gate, Pongezara, Umarzari etc.


Before declaration of Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve, they were two different wildlife sanctuaries. This forest is part of the wildlife corridor that connects Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve with Kanha tiger reserve thus presence of both the wildlife sanctuaries are very important for wild animals movement in between these two more popular tiger reserves. Both the wildlife sanctuaries are spread over two different regions but are well connected thus tiger reserve was planned. This tiger reserve was spread over two regions i.e. Bhandara and Gondia. As per their popular history, these regions were held by Haihaya Rajput kings of Chattisgarh, in 7th century, whose kingdom was known as Maha Koshala. During British India rule, it was found that in A.D. 639, Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsiang visited the Koshala Kingdom. After Haihaya rulers, it is believed that Parmar kings of Malwa region had their control over this region in 9-11 century. Till beginning of 12th century, Gonds rulers have control over this region. It is proved by the fact that famous Nawegaon lake was built in year 1300 by support of local Kohli community, under leadership of two person i.e. Kohlu & Chima. They undertake the construction to arrange sufficient water for agricultural purpose and survival and order was from Gond ruler Rani Durgavati. Till beginning of 18th century, Maratha Bhosle rulers of Nagpur gain prominence in this region and take over large territory of Gond rulers. Their rule is not so long and British India gain control over this region, till independence of India. Nagzira wildlife sanctuary was declared in year 1970 where as Navegaon National Park was declared in year 1975. In year 2013 they are clubbed together to form Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve.


This tiger reserve is just 130 kms from Nagpur city thus its accessibility by flight, train and cab option is very easy. Now a days, Nagzira wildlife sanctuary is more visited by tourists thus given information is as per this sanctuary where as Navegaon National Park is least visited so safaris are mainly concentrated on Nagzira part only. As per know that Kanha national park and Tadoba national park are not so far from Nagpur thus natural question arises why to visit Navegaon - Nagzira tiger reserve ? So possible answer is that popularity of nearby tiger reserves creates scope for Nagzira tourism also. All wildlife lovers reached this region to enjoy their wildlife trip. In peak season, due to their popularity, safari tickets in adjoining tiger reserves, often gets sold out in far advance with makes it useless to visit them. In such case Navegaon - Nagzira tiger reserve is best option for visit. Here safari charges are also less so trips are more affordable. This tiger reserve has Gondia railway station option also to reduce taxi transfer cost & time in reaching tiger reserve.Here tiger sighting is average but sighting of leopard, sloth bear is good. Presence of lakes inside tiger reserves makes it best place for bird watching. So it is a paradise for birders.

Safari Timing

In order to plan for Bandhavgarh tour, it is important to know the safari timings so that accordingly we will draw our tour plan, decide arrival & departure schedule.

Period Morning Safari Afternoon Safari
01 Oct - 31 Dec 06:00 - 10:00 Hrs 14:30 - 17:30 Hrs
01 Dec - 28 Jan 06:30 - 10:30 Hrs 14:30 - 17:30 Hrs
01 Feb - 31 Mar 06:30 - 10:30 Hrs 15:00 - 18:00 Hrs
01 Apr - 30 June 06:00 - 10:00 Hrs 16:00 - 19:00 Hrs

Here the park management authority retains the right to change the safari timing at any time as per situation. Usually park opens 30 minutes before sunset and closes 30 minutes after sunset. As per change in sunrise and sunset timing, park authority adjusts the park entry & exit timing.

Jungle Safari

Just like its surrounding tiger reserves, jungle safari in Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve is done on open jeep. In each safari vehicle, maximum 06 tourists are allowed in addition to 01 driver and 01 safari guide. Seating capacity of each vehicle is limited so no extra adult person is allowed above 06 adult tourists. Identification document, in original, is mandatory for all the tourists, during all safari drives. Here jungle safaris are done in two shifts i.e. Morning safari and Afternoon or Evening safari. Nagzira wildlife sanctuary remains closed for jungle safari on every Thursday so accordingly trip planning should be done. Here nature walk is possible but elephant safari is not possible. There are local villages, close to entrance gates thus village visit is also possible.


While doing jungle safaris in Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve, we have chance to see variety of mammal species. Here more than 34 mammal species are present in which prominent ones are Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Jungle Cat, Wolf, Jackal, Dhole (Wild Dog), Wild Boar, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Giant Flying Squirrel etc.


Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve lies in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra region which is known for dense forest and average rainfall. Here we can enjoy better birding in Navegaon national park due to presence of vast lake and man made dams. It is estimated that Nagzira offers more than 166 bird species where as Navegaon national park offers more than 210 bird species as it is having more wetlands. Some of the prominently seen bird species in Nagzira wildlife sanctuary includes Oriental White-backed Vulture (endangered), Lesser Adjutant, Purple Wood-Pigeon, Green Munia, Red Junglefowl, Grey Jungle-fowl, Peafowl etc. While visiting Navegaon national park, we can see critically endangered Long billed Vulture, Oriental White backed vulture. In addition to this we can also see Lesser Adjutant, Greater Spotted Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Sarus Crane, Green Munia, Black Ibis, Rain Quail, Painted Francolin, Plum-headed Parakeet, Red-headed Falcon, Jungle Babbler, Ashy Prinia, White bellied Drongo.

How to reach

Before visiting to any destination, it is important to know how to reach that destination. For any tourist destination, travelers are of different categories thus their way of reaching that destination may also varies.

Nearest Airport = Nagpur Airport (130 kms), Raipur Airport (210 kms)
Nearest Railway Station = Gondia Station (50 kms), Nagpur Station (125 kms)
Nearest Bus Stand = Gondia (50 kms), Nagpur (125 kms), Kanha National Park (Mukki=180 kms) Raipur (210 kms)
Here tourists are mainly arriving from Nagpur city or through Gondia railway station. At the same time, many wildlife lovers from Chattisgarh cities like Bhilai, Raipur also visits Nagzira wildlife sanctuary.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve is from November to April. Majority of tourists visit tiger reserve in this period only. It is the time when monsoon season gets over and winter season begins which welcomes many migratory birds and offers more opportunity for jungle photography and mammals photography.


As mentioned, tourism is mainly concentrated in Nagzira wildlife sanctuary thus all available accommodation options for normal tourists are concentrated around different entrance gates of Nagzira wildlife sanctuary. Here we can find hotels concentration near Chorkhamara gate and Pitezari gate. Accommodation options are limited to Forest Department Rest houses in Navegaon national park so now a days, we can consider Nagzira wildlife sanctuary as the area to visit in this tiger reserve.

Next to Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve

After completing the visit of Navegaon Nagzira tiger reserve, we can plan to visit variety of destinations in which majority are wildlife destinations like Kanha national park, Pench national park, Tadoba national park, Umred Karhandla wildlife sanctuary. Alternate option is to visit tribal tourism destinations like Bhoremdeo, Kawardha, Kanker, Dhamtari, Narayanpur etc. Here heritage tourism is not possible as no such destination is close to this region still some small destinations like Ramtek, Mansar archaeological site etc.