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Nature and Us

Change is the essence of our life. It is human nature that we can't live a routine life for a long time and in order to have some change, we often undertakes outdoor traveling. As per our physical capability, financial capability, time in hand and best knowledge, we choose our travel destinations. Mother nature is essence of our life. Now a days, we are living in concrete jungles where we have arranged all the luxury but still miss the nature and often tries to compensate this gap by doing some gardening, arranging flower pots at home. When our kids goes to school, they learn English alphabets through which they get first hand idea of mother nature when they learn frequently used words like Bear, Cat, Dog, Deer, Flower, Tree, Lion, Tiger etc.Through cartoon movies they got first hand idea of these animals and their activities. Going to one step forward, we take them to Zoological Park, watch wildlife movies to got the first hand idea of their physical look. In this way we connect ourselves with nature. But if interest increases further then next step is to undertake jungle safari tours. But some many questions came into our mind which acts like a hurdle in undertaking such trips like where to go, how to go, what will be cost, how to select good hotel, how to book safaris, how to travel etc. Here we have tried to answer such questions through our dedicated section "The Safaris".

Journey of The Safaris

"The Safaris" is a wildlife segment of "Indus Excursion" which dedicates its service for nature and wildlife safari holidays. We are serving our guests since year 2008. Before that, we are engaged in tour escorting in which we use to travel with wildlife lovers, covering all prominent wildlife safari destinations, national parks, tiger safari areas, birding areas and other surrounding places. Interacting for hours with guests from different countries, understanding their taste, requirements and answering their queries of all type. That was great experience that we are still continuing in which we don't limit ourselves to any single subject but talk freely on all topics, exchange our ideas and tries to understand each other's perspective. When knowledge develops, we use to start questioning, giving logics and tries to do some experiments to draw new conclusions. It is also natural that on certain topics we start thinking in different way with confidence that their is possibility to further improve the ongoing system. Being employee, we are not able to get that freedom hence we tried to free ourselves and create an independent platform where we can implement our ideas by using our experience, creativity & expertise. Being native of Central India it would be more convenient to begin our new journey from here. With proceeded slowly with firm steps. After working for last 10 years, now we have decided to make a separate wildlife section which will deal with safari holidays queries so that guest will get the expert service of dedicated team. This will ensure better customization of services, raise the level of service standard, more focussed customer support, better coordianation among team and service providers, fast information exchange. This all will inturn result into lifetime safari experience to our esteemed guests. At the same time we would like to update you that we have two other firms also i.e. "The Holidays" & "The Cabs". In between them The Holidays is basically for Leisure & Heritage holiday trips where as The Cabs is dedicated for tourismt cab services for Inbound tourists in which we cover complete India and arrange taxi cabs for tours.

Why to give us opportunity ?

We are Government registered firm and serving since year 2008. We have successfully catered travel service requirement of FIT & GIT from multiple countries like United Kingdom, Spain, German, United States, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka etc. Unlike others, we do not request tourists to use us chance on emotional or sympathitical ground by large scale advertising our community work, charity work with pure motive to gain business and draw media attention. We request you all to use our service because of our proven service record, transparent price policy,  reasonable pricing, seamless service delivery and our true efforts to give something more than our promise which often surprises our guests. We works with policy to generate repeat guests and getting success also.