Jungle Safari


Read about jungle safari experience of Bandhavgarh national park. While going to any national park, jeep jungle safari is the prime activity offered to tourists. Due to popularity of high tiger density destination, large number of tourists visit Bandhavgarh national park from various countries with dream to see their first tiger at the natural home, roaming freely in their tigerland. Thus tiger safari is the main highlight of jungle safaris in this forest. As it is a part of tiger reserve thus all rules of National Tiger Conservation Authority are applicable on Bandhavgarh. Here forest is divided into two categories i.e. Core zone forest and Buffer zone forest. Jungle safaris are allowed in limited areas of forest falling under both the categories. Jungle safaris are done mainly on jeep safaris.

Jungle Safari

Jungle safari in Bandhavgarh is mainly done on safari vehicle i.e open jeep. Its seating capacity is of 06 tourists, 01 driver and 01 safari guide. Here service of safari guide is mandatory to hire from forest department. More than 06 adult tourists are not allowed in one vehicle. These safari vehicles are open to sky so that we can easily do the birding. This is somehow different from safari vehicles seen during African safaris. Main reason for this difference is that here vegetation is dense with tall trees thus it facilitates in birdwatching. Second important reason is climatic condition in which autumn, winter, spring season can be experienced here in which sunrise is not a challenge. Here jeep safaris are done on two round per day basis. One is morning round and second one is evening safari round. On every Wednesday, evening safari round remains closed for core zones. Many times question arises about morning and evening safari difference. So main difference is of safari duration. Here morning safari duration is ranging from 4;30hrs to 5:00hrs where as evening safari is of 3 to 3:30 hrs. Safari charges are same for both the round thus morning safari round is more preferred by tourists. In addition to jeep safaris, here nature trail or walking safari is not offered by park management. Main reason seems to be threat from tigers. Although private resorts and safari lodges are offering such nature walk or village visits on private basis.

National Park

As per rule of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), only 20% of the tiger reserve area will be open for tourism purpose and remaining 80% of tiger reserve area will remain undisturbed from human disturbance, under the security of park management authority. Thus we do jungle safaris on 20% of tiger reserve area only. It menas all the wild animals are not exposed to tourists. We are seeing only limited number of tigers and other mammal, birds and reptiles. As mentioned above, Bandhavgarh tiger reserve is diveded into core zone and buffer zone category. This core zone forest is further divided into safari zones. Similarly buffer zone forest is also divided into safari zones. At one jungle safari round, we can visit one safari zone only of either core zone or buffer zone, as per safari permit we have booked. Bandhavgarh core zones are Tala zone, Magadhi zone, Khitauli zone. Buffer zones of Bandhavgarh are Panpatha zone, Dhamokhar zone, Johila zone. 

Safari Booking

We are providing service of Bandhavgarh safari booking. In this service we check for best available safari zones permit and update to the guest. As per their suggestion, we proceed for safari permits booking.Here online safari permits booking facility is available which allows us to book safari permits in advance. Due to popularity of Bandhavgarh national park, majority of time, core zone safari permits get fully booked in advance. Thus it is very important to finalize your tour plan in advance (2-3 months) and get your safari permits booked on confirm basis. Once safari permits are booked, we will become entitled for jungle safari in booked safari zone. Then we need to book safari vehicle and guide service. We are providing complete safari booking service in which we do the booking of safari permits, safari vehicle and guides. We have our own team at Bandhavgarh to manage our safari service thus everything will be well managed and remain under control.