Best time to visit


Best time to visit Bandhavgarh varies from person to person, as per their interest behind safaris. Bandhavgarh national park is mainly visited from October to June month as it is the period when core zones remain open for tourists. Buffer zones are open throughout the year but tourists express main interest on safaris when core zones are open as wildlife sighting is much better in core zones, in compare to buffer zones. Bandhavgarh national park is visited by tourists with varying interests like some people visits wildlife destination for change as they felt fed up from city life. Where as some people takes such trips as lesiure trip to spend some valuable time with family. Due to awareness towards nature conservation and influenced from social media websites, now large number of people are expressing interest towards nature and wildlife photography thus a considerable section of wildlife photographers plans to visit Bandhavgarh for wildlife photography in which tiger photography is in top of their travel agenda. Let us see which period is best time to visit for which category of tourists.

Best time for tourists

In this category, we talk about normal tourists, who visits national park to celebrate their holiday time with family or friends. They are mostly leisure travelers who are fed-up from routine city life and concrete jungle of cities and thus would like to spend sometime close to nature in silence zone and devote their time to their family members. These type of tourists mostly plans as per government or school holidays thus these holiday dates decides their best time to visit. For them, climatic condition is also an influencing factor. Such visitors mostly prefers to visit in periods like October-November month, December last weekend for new year celebration and later April to June months when educational institutions have summer holidays.

Best time for tiger safari

Best time to visit for tiger safari in Bandhavgarh summer period. Months from mid of March to mid of June is the summer time in Bandhavgarh. During this time, probability of tiger sighting remains high for obvious reasons i.e. waterhole attract mammals, more in summers. Thus during tiger safari, tourists keep on trying nearby waterholes and mostly they get the success in tiger sighting. During summers, tigers use to spend their most of the day time in waterholes or marshy lands. Due to high tiger sighting probability, many wildlife photographers prefer this period of time for Bandhavgarh visit. Getting safari tickets in this period is extremely difficult as majority of them gets sold out in same day when they get exposed for online booking.

Best time for tiger photography

Tiger photography is a great experience of any jungle safari. Mostly our jungle safaris is solely targeted to attain this moment. Lust for tiger photography can be seen in two different ways. In one way, it shows our love or respect for this magnificent cat species which is good indication for tiger conservation. It can be seen in other way also in which we are doing injustice with other animals like a stepmother treatment. Best time for tiger photography is slightly different from best time for tiger safari thus we are writing it is separate section. Here we need to understand the difference of easy photography and quality tiger photography. No doubt that high tiger sighting probability is in summers when they can be seen taking rest nearby marshy lands or waterholes. It offers us easy opportunity for tiger photography. During summers they spends hours on waterholes or marshylandy thus we can get very limited common pose only in which mostly whole body is not visible with almost same background. Where as in autumn, winters or spring period, tiger sighting is little bit challenging thus probability for tiger photography is also limited. Although it is limited but the photographs that we can expect in these seasons will be of far better quality than summers. During this period, we can see tigers with full body exposure, walking on jungle, crossing trails, shiny coat, varying background of lush green forest. During these seasons, tigers seems more active in daytime and thus they can be photographed in different moods also.

Best time for bird-watching

Bandhavgarh national park forest is suitable for birding also. Here best time for birding is from November to February. Their are some water bodies like Garhpuri dam, Bamera dam are good for birding. Here in Central India, winter fog is not a challenge thus healthy birding is possible in peak winter also. These months are ideal for birds photography. Even if you come in summers, sighting of Paradise fly-catcher is very good in Khitauli zone. Now a days, Bandhavgarh fort site is closed for visitors but in past, when it was open for visitors, it was very good site for sighting of vultures nest and malabar-pied hornbills. May be in future, it will reopen and birders can again do the birding from this location.

Best time for jungle photography

A true wildlife lover is that who appreciates all aspects of jungle. When we go for jungle safari, with this mindset, we will gain much more than those tourists who are going with single mindset of tiger sighting and thus keep on overlooking all remaining aspects of jungle. Gain from jungle safari is much more than the gain derived from tiger safari. We should not judge the safari experience on yardstick of tiger sighting. Much more can be witnessed like variety of trees, rutting of deers, birding, termite mounds, pugmarks of tigers, height of tree scretches made by tiger, butterflies near perennials or marshy lands, birds with prey, varying landscapes, reptiles movement, marks of human establishment inside national park etc. Their are so many other subjects for photography thus jungle safaris are full of opportunities to encash. For jungle photography, season from October to March is best. It is a long period thus plenty of chance to plan and execute it conveniently. Morning sunrise, evening sunsets, waterholes, mammals around waterholes, morning sunrays peeping through sal trees and falling on safari trail are just awsome to capture on camera. Their are many man-made and natural caves in Bandhavgarh, especially in Tala zone taking us back to 16th century when this forest was power-center of Baghela dynasty and eminent personalities use to visit this forest.  

Best time to visit popular safari zones

Bandhavgarh is the best example of wildlife tourism destination where its popularity can be experience proves both good and bad for wildlife lovers. It is good in the sense that due to its popularity, we all want to visit Bandhavgarh forest. It is only the popularity through which we first judge the destination and decides to visit this place. Once our plan becomes final, we try for safari permits. Here the same popularity of safari destination become a challenge for us when we came to know that all good safari zone tickets are already sold out and their is no alternate way to get those safari permits and thus either we were bound drop the plan or postpone the tour plan with disappointment. It happens with large number of aspiring tourists thus it is important to have discussion over this topic. Thus the best time to visit popular safari zones are those months in which graph of tourist arrival falls like from mid of November to mid of December, Jan-Feb months and last 20 days of June month. In these periods, hopefully we can ger the safari permits of popular safari zones and can enjoy the Bandhavgarh trip in better way.