We are accepting payment in two popular modes. One is bank transfer in which payment will reach us in 1-5 working days. Second is payment through card. As majority of tourists have their credit cards and prefers to pay using card so we have system to accept payments through cards also. In this system we issue paylink to our guest in which we take sum total of required payment amount + payment gateway fee. It is at present 3% of amount to transfer. This will take 7-8 working days. Once payment was made successfully, using our issued link, we instantly get the message so on the basis of that message, we resume our booking services. Against all the payments, we issue payment acknowledgement receipts, for your record.

Yes, in all major International Airports like Mumbai, Delhi, you will get the mobile phone SIM counters of particular companies in which you just show your passport and pay required fee to collect the SIM. Within few hours, after processing documents, services on SIM will begin.

The Indian currency is the rupee, which is made of 100 paise. Major currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easy to exchange throughout India. Even on arrival at International Airports like Delhi, you will get the money exchange counters, at your service. Most international airports throughout the country will have money exchange counters, as should the larger hotels and resorts.

Remember to dress a little more conservatively � don�t wear shorts or sleeveless tops. You may need to take off your shoes or remove all leather items (don�t worry, the shoe minder will take good care of them). Check with your guide if photography is allowed or not. If guide is unavailable then consult your cab driver or any care-taker or nearby Government official. Bear in mind that some sites might not admit women or might be reserved for followers of that faith.

India offers an incredibly wide range of accommodation, from backpacker's hostels, homestays, eco lodges, modern hotels to former maharajahs� palaces. Any accommodation recommended by us has been selected for its high standards, value for money service and attention to detail. Our consultants travel throughout India on a constant basis, paying regular visits to the properties that we recommend.

India is an excellent destination for family travel. Here you can find diverse landscapes and culture, dressing style, language during tour. Beach holidays and wildlife adventures in national parks are good options, while many forts, palaces and monuments have sight and light shows that will capture children�s imagination. The country�s many colorful festivals, traditional dressing style also offer plenty of distractions. For teenagers, the many outdoor activities, such as camel safaris, elephant ride, horse ride, boat ride and trekking are the best sum up of adventurous activities. The greatest challenge for families travelling in India may be the distances that need to be covered between cities. Air travel and railway journeys are usually the most comfortable modes of travel, and are recommended for those with young children. While some youngsters might balk at the unfamiliar Indian food, Western fast food is widely available in standard & luxury restaurants/hotels/resorts.

Here in India, wildlife destinations are mainly open for visitors, from October to May months. As tiger safari in India is specially popular among visitors so its best time to visit is from February to May. For tiger photography, best time is from March to June, during summers. But if you are more interested in birding & nature tourism then we recommend the period of November to March month when large number of migratory birds visit India for a period of 3-4 months. They spread over North to Central India, mainly close to water sources.

In India, scope for tourism activities prevails through out the year. The best time to visit India depends on your tour theme or purpose of visit. Winter (Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb) is the most preferred time for tourists in India. Tours for Heritage tourism, cultural tourism, wildlife tourism are mostly organized during this time. The Central India & Southern regions are good destinations in the winter months (November to March), as temperatures are mild and game viewing in the national parks is at its best. Winter temperatures in the north can be harsh, but this is an excellent time for bird watching, as migrant species arrive. Winter is also the breeding time for big cats. Summer weather (April to June) in the south is mild and this is the ideal time for beach holiday or cultural tours in this region. In the north, summers are an excellent time to visit the Himalayas. Although hot, summer is considered a good time for wildlife photography and safaris in the interior, as the jungle thickets dry out and game becomes concentrated at watering holes. Summers are good for adventure tourism and hill station visits of North India and North East areas. For trekking it is the ideal time. North & Eastern regions like Leh-ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim etc are the mostly visited states & reigons during summers.

India is generally considered safe country for travelers for any corner of world. We will always be there to take care of you every step of your tour. In addition to this their are certain basic precautions to be taken during tour like it is a good idea to lock away your spare currency, travellers cheques, passports and precious jewellery in the hotel safe. Try not to walk around alone late at night, particularly in deserted areas or small towns, where everything closes early. To the possible extent, avoid travelling on the roads after dark. As anywhere else, never leave your luggage unattended or in custody of unknown person at an airport, train station, bus stands etc. Do not disclose your travel plans to strangers. Keep pretty cash in separate to meet frequent small expenses, tips etc.

Yes, valid Visa is mandatory for all visitors. This must be obtained before arrival and we recommend that you contact your local Indian embassy or consulate when planning your trip. Now a days, e-Visa facility is also available.